What do we do when we feel “stuck?” 

Spiritually, one of the great practices is to return to the “fundamentals.” What got you going? What are the practices that stirred the heart and mind?

A practice I have in my spiritual walk is to keep a list of Scriptures useful to me over the years. They aren’t verses I’ve memorized. They are passages that have had deep meaning in spiritual formation.

When I feel “stuck,” I return to these passages. I will start at the top and won’t leave the list until I walk all the way through these passages. It may take me a few days. It may take me a few weeks. They are familiar places, yet every time I visit I hear something fresh from God.

What are the familiar places in Scripture? Where are the places you hear God? Write those passages down. Put them in a list in your Bible. Visit them when the well seems dry.

Here is my list:


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