On November 9, 2016

I wish it was already November 9. Face it. We could honestly vote today and no one would really be any different in their views than three weeks from now. 

There is no convincing anyone of changing their mind on Trump or Clinton. We’re mad at each other. Too many are baffled by my positions, and I truly apologize because I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. I meant to make clear statements that weren’t misconstrued as to what I think will be end results, not for America, but American Christians.

On November 9, I am still moving forward with what I feel is the call of God for me as a pastor and leader in my community. I will continue to prepare our church for the deep cultural shifts we are experiencing, and will continue to experience. We will keep on preparing for “life in Babylon.”

On November 9, I will still serve the Body of Christ and my city. I will still love all people, even if I’ve offended too many along the way. I’d love to get that back in some way, but I will continue to love all people. I will serve communion in my church to all who did what they thought they needed to do on November 8.

On November 9, I will continue to challenge believers to live in Kingdom authority. It’s not about a vote. It’s about a life.

On November 9, I will continue to work for the least of these.

On November 9, I will continue to equip people for leadership, pastoring, and growing in Christ.

On November 9, I will still bless my city, cheer it on, and make sure it continues to be an amazing place of peace.

On November 9, I will continue to call out injustices, no matter the consequence. When it disturbs the heart of God, I want it to disturb me.

On November 9, my greatest allegiance will still be the Kingdom of God. Not the United States of America. And I will still urge believers to work to understand what this means.

On November 9, I will still have my opinions and others will have theirs and we’ll still be in the same place. We’ll have to decide to be better in some way than we were on November 7. But I’m committed to that effort.

On November 9 Jesus will still be Lord and “caesar” will not. Not ever. Not in my life. And, I pray, not in the lives of any believer. And I will continue to proclaim that belief.

On November 9 there will not be any huge fundamental change in the fabric of the United States or the American Church that could not have been seen on January 1, 2016. We were probably just blind. Hopefully not.

On November 9 we will all wake up and realize it really wasn’t a bad dream, even though we’ll all wish it so.

On November 9 I will still wake up, pull out the Word of God, look to the heavens, and love Jesus. Just like November 7, November 8, and I’ll do it again on November 10.

Jesus is Lord. The Kingdom of God holds my highest allegiance. Nothing else changes that.


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