Just some quick notes from my message last week out of Daniel 2:

Be people of prayer.

Daniel was ready because he was already a man of prayer. He didn’t pray panicked prayers. He was prepared in prayer. By Daniel 6, the only fault his enemies could find in him was he prayed.

Let us be so guilty!

Learn to BLESS the culture. 

We’ve spent so much time cursing our culture and wringing our hands over things. Daniel was serving in capital of his captors. He served the “head captor” himself. There wasn’t a First Amendment to protect him. When he spoke to Nebuchadnezzar, it was to speak truth AND find ways to show the king compassion.

I grew up in an atmosphere of thinking public schools were of the devil. There were responses of fear. What I have found in ministry now is: 1. We’re having a lot of fun blessing our schools in as many ways as possible. It has opened wide a lot of opportunities to keep on blessing our community. 2. I constantly have conversations with believers who are teachers and leaders and they have such a profound love for their jobs, their kids, and their community.

Daniel knew his ultimate allegiance. 

It wasn’t the “state of Israel.” It wasn’t Babylon. The vision of Daniel 2 shows the Kingdom that can’t be shaken. That was Daniel’s ultimate allegiance. Nothing in this world could shake him as a result.

Our allegiances are challenged. They should be. We’ve had it so good for so long we need our hearts examined. Let us be challenged to understand there is a Kingdom that surpasses all else.

We are equipped for this time. We may not even realize it, but where are. We have a lot to learn and a short time to learn it. May we learn it and prepare, rather than ignore it and be panicked.



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