The change needed

When November 9 rolls around, there is still work to do, especially as believers.

Two great posts I ran across recently:

When Things Fall Apart  (and note this quote):

As Christians, we bear terrible responsibilities, in our complicities and acquiescence, for a past that has brought us to this condition. We now bear even heavier constructive ones for the future. It is a venerable penance and vocation, that stands independent of the political parties of our era.

The Party is Over (and note this thought):

We drank the Kool-Aid for too many years. What’s happening now is just the tumorous effects of decades of a carcinogenic theology that collapsed God’s dreams for the world to the American dream and the conservative Republican agenda.

We can say we’re in trouble. We can deny we’re in trouble. No matter what, friends, we have SERIOUS work to do, and we would best be served to be about that work.

Image result for after the convention is over


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