The news you never hear

Being in Ethiopia, I’ve been exposed to news from all over the world that I never hear in the U.S. And I’m a guy who REALLY tries to keep up on news that is not related to Donald Trump. 

The main news is the BBC. Yes… they still talk about Donald Trump. Thankfully, they actually let it go after about 2 minutes and get on to other things really happening in the world.

The biggest story that goes missed in our part of the world is Aleppo. (Besides Gary Johnson bombing the famous “What is Aleppo?” question or just enraging people who hate immigration.)

There are pictures we’ve seen like this one:

Allepo Child

You would think pictures like that would finally grip us. They don’t.

This one came across my Facebook feed from the BBC:


A mother tried to shelter her son as their building was bombed. This is what they uncovered after the bombing finally stopped long enough to dig down and find bodies.

There are video feeds of rescuers who try to rush in after a bombing raid and just pull bodies out of the rubble and get those still breathing into some vehicle to try and get them to medical aid. There are the pictures… and sounds… of a mother screaming out the name of her daughter she can’t find. A boy screaming, trying to find his mother.

We don’t get to watch (not that we would) the sessions in the UN where Syria, the U.S., and Russia all yell at each other, blaming each other for the atrocities.

There are stories we don’t get in our very sheltered lives in the U.S. Stories that need attention. Stories that help us with perspective.

They are stories that should shake us.

But enough of that… how about those debates?


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