Wage peace with food

One last post (for now) on the book The End of Hunger. (Basic book review is HERE.) While we have a lot of good news over the last few decades in the cause to end hunger, the last few years have had their toll. The biggest issue: conflict. Those in need of emergency assistance (meaningContinue reading “Wage peace with food”

What did Eisenhower call it?

I believe Eisenhower, himself a career soldier, warned of the “vast military industrial complex” when he was leaving office as President. Yesterday in a passing conversation with a veteran, he noted his daughter, who served in the Air Force, was not “qualified” to be in the VFW because she served in a small 5 yearContinue reading “What did Eisenhower call it?”

The Way of Peace is Found in Following the Prince of Peace

One of our Advent readings today is Eph. 6:10-20. It’s one we, as Pentecostals, love. Spiritual warfare. Here is the ironic thing I find in this passage and our current attitude in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting. On the one hand I’m fairly sure I could get almost 100 percent agreement from myContinue reading “The Way of Peace is Found in Following the Prince of Peace”