Decency is gone

The political season is more poisonous than ever. The evangelical church is in deep trouble in America… and not even realizing it. 

Long gone is the attitude of working together.

And it seems all sense of decency and dialogue has just disappeared. Social media has certainly exacerbated the situation, but it is something that decent people don’t speak up more. There is a holding back. And in that void has spewed out such poison…

The silence is not good. Will decent people actually speak up and ask for dialogue?

Or, has decency just simply disappeared?


One thought on “Decency is gone

  1. I’m working on helping to find that place where decency resides again. I never bother looking at YouTube comments when I’m picking up a clip somebody sent or anything because the poison on there is deplorable. I barely look at Facebook anymore for the same reasons…when i start seeing mud slinging (and i don’t care which side it is), I delete it from my wall and move on with my life. Part of me blames the news shows. You used to be able to turn on these programs and get differing opinions (with a slight bias toward the moderator/host, but expected), but people got to give different opinions. It educated, opened dialogue, let you get the gist of what people think on different sides with CIVILITY. Now it’s all one opinion railroaded through the mind, and nothing is learned. I hate it.

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