One thing we should learn in life fairly quickly is this: you don’t get all “good” days or all “bad” days. You get a mixture. There are days when one or the other seems to “win out,” but be thankful we really don’t get all of one or the other.

The mixture teaches us. The mixture humbles us. The mixture matures us.

However, these days in life for me are currently days of excitement and anticipation. Our church has been in the process of remodeling space to bring a retail coffee shop to the community. We are very close to opening. There is anticipation and anxiety all at once. The “good.” The “bad.”

These are days of spiritual harvest as well. We pray for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit in our city. We pray for all our churches in the city to experience the power of God’s presence and may¬†their¬†churches be filled to overflowing!

We cannot let the anxieties deter us from the opportunities.

Ramadan is coming to a close for Muslims this year. This past week has been a week FULL of anxiety in the Muslim world. There was the attack at the Istanbul airport, then at a restaurant frequented by foreigners in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and just this morning word of yet another ISIS attack in Baghdad.


I could hear it in the voices of two very good Muslim friends as I sat with them this week. There is a weariness of how they are seen in this world with news like this. There is a weariness of trying to be men of peace and all around them violence only seems to increase.


This is a time for increased prayer. As I heard their hearts speak this week I cried out to the Lord that his Spirit would come to them and reveal himself! I prayed on this past Friday, which is the “night of power” in Ramadan, that the Spirit would reveal JESUS in power to them.

If we did not know the obstacles and anxieties, we would not know the victories.

Every day we have anxieties and opportunities before us. Let us not ignore either one! Let us move forward in FAITH to see what God will do with those anxieties as they are turned into opportunities.


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