Key questions in following Christ

This part of the week my Scripture reading has me working through Ephesians 1-3 again. This part of Ephesians literally saved my life over 20 years ago and continues to feed me. I spent an entire year just in Ephesians about 20 years ago and have since then spent many more months (cumulative) in these rich chapters, especially 1-3.

It is so difficult for me to convey the depth of love I have for Jesus and it is drawn mainly from these beautiful chapters. Every time I move through them (and Chapter 2 especially because it always reminds me of the depths of trouble I was in… and we ALL find ourselves… without Christ) I have a deep longing for others to know THIS Jesus. How can I communicate it?

What I’ve come to learn is this: I really can’t communicate it. It is when we choose to dwell in his utter goodness we find our lives captivated by his immense love and good pleasure. Our trouble is we don’t dwell. We give it 30 seconds and then scoot away.

As I re-visit this beautiful place in Scripture, I am drawn to key questions on discipleship and following Christ I think are the keys for me.

The first I asked in the last post: “Am I known by God?”

The second key question I ran across this morning. It’s a quick line I scribbled in the front of a book and I almost missed it because the page is deep purple and the ink is black. But there was that question, so I ask it out loud because I so deeply want to be known as a follower of Christ. And I want so deeply for others to see this beautiful Savior and follow him!

The question is this: Would you consider me a Christ follower?



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