Encountering the Man of God

I wrote of Simeon and Anna yesterday. Last night… I met Simeon. Not literally, but that spirit.

We are in Alabama with our family… did I mention I have a beautiful grandson?… and last night we went to the church where our son and his wife are involved. (I don’t say “attend” because they are INVOLVED and it’s wonderful to see.) After the service I was introduced to one of the pastors while I was being shown around the church. He was an older gentleman who was from South Africa.

In that all too brief encounter I knew I was in the presence of a man of God. A man of prayer. Simeon.

He told me about praying over my son and his wife during their pregnancy and then praying over them again the day of the delivery. In those few minutes with this man I knew I was in the presence of God. This man walked with God.

My heart’s cry is somehow my life is so saturated with the presence of Jesus that in brief encounters there are people who recognize Jesus the way I did with that man. Those encounters are too rare for me. I am so challenged to BE that kind of man. If followers of Jesus had THAT presence saturating them… what an impact.

What an incredible honor to encounter that “Simeon” last night!





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