The year of abundance… and hard work

There are two “words” the Lord dropped into my heart for 2016. ABUNDANCE HARVEST He has given these words for my family and my church. This will be a year of provision. This will be a year of harvest. So much has transitioned in such a short time. For our church, we are out ofContinue reading “The year of abundance… and hard work”

Simeon and Anna — Waiting on God

When I was in college one of my professors told of a missions teaching trip he had made to India. Near where he was staying were several small caves where those following Hinduism would go for silence and prayer. He decided to hike into that area one day and out of curiosity found a caveContinue reading “Simeon and Anna — Waiting on God”

Time Wasters

I had finished my message for Sunday morning when I ran across this great column by Mark Galli. I wish I had come across it before writing my message. I could have printed this off and just read it! My text for the day is Luke 2:22-40, the story of Simeon and Anna. Here areContinue reading “Time Wasters”