The Way of Hope

We can’t elect our way into goodness. We can’t elect our way into anything lasting.

Goodness and hope are inside jobs. We start with the inside. This is the work of the Kingdom. You can’t even mandate that for a culture or people. But if we will walk in Kingdom goodness flowing generously from our hearts, the culture can eventually reflect it.

We need the way of hope, not the politics of fear. 

The gospel reading for Advent today was from Matthew 25:14-30. Wise, sobering words for us in this season… and the “time” we find ourselves as believers in this culture.

We are to be doing what the MASTER calls us to do. The only “fear” we should know is actually the fear we should never know as believers: the fear of not doing what was asked of us!

When the servants took what was given to them and simply went to work, the reward came and the Master was thrilled. It’s all we need to do.

The way of hope is through the living in the presence of our King, seeing what he does… and then doing it as he asks it of us.

Let us be people of HOPE in an atmosphere trying to spew out fear!

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