The people who know their God

I’ve been meditating on the thought of the Daniel Generation that started HERE.

The foundation to all of it is we must know God. If we do not truly know God, if we are not grounded in him, the American Church will head into a new “Dark Ages.” 

Not “America.” The American Church. 

As I have tried to prepare people for these huge shifts, my own life becomes exposed. My own spiritual state gets examined deeply by the Holy Spirit. It is needed. But here’s the thing: I’m found wanting. 

Three years ago I began a prayer journey that has radically altered my own life, ministry, and church. But now that we’re at the very threshold of something new and, quite honestly, powerful, I’m stalling.

I’ve stalled in prayer. I’ve stalled in fasting. I’ve stalled in communication. This is my confession.

In the very hour those areas need increase of effort on my part, I’ve stalled it out. Hear my prayer, O Lord. I am not ready for what is ahead… but your Spirit comes and challenges me! “You’re not ready… but you can be. You don’t need to stall out!”

We MUST know God. I must know God!

My prayer life can deepen again… and I know the way.

My discipline of fasting can return… and I know the way.

The Lord can communicate through me his precise vision for what is ahead… and I know the way.

Lord, hear my prayer. Forgive me of my laziness. Forgive me of my trepidation. It is time to step up. The people who know their God take action. We are at that day.

Oh, Lord, hear my prayer.

2 thoughts on “The people who know their God

  1. Thank you for sharing so openly. Your honesty sheds a light on my own lack and possibly others too. God has been increasing my thirst for His presence and I’ve increased my time with Him this summer, but I need to change so much more. Lord, draw me. Show me the way. (I’m not always sure I know the way).

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