Good bye “normal” church…

And, quite frankly, good riddance.

I can hope, anyway.

This post on the future of evangelicals is a good read. It’s refreshing. We are stumbling into new realities. These are things the greater evangelical church should have paid attention to decades ago, but the majority are only now being dragged kicking and screaming into the true reality of Kingdom living.

I loved this line:

A smaller church is also a stranger church.

We need a stranger church. We need to read these words carefully:

Perhaps the most insidious distortion of Christian faith happens when it gets twisted to serve the cause of a majority culture. It gets softened, normalized. The sharp edges of its beliefs get carved down; the pristine motives of its practices, polluted. All that’s left is a dull civil religion that can’t save a soul.

This is what happened decades ago when the evangelicals hitched their wagons to the Republican Party. Now, so-called “progressives” who are really refugees from that movement, are hitching their wagons to the Democratic Party… and the same fate awaits: a civil religion that can’t save a soul. We may be able to feed a soul or two, but we won’t be saving anyone.

We need to be free to be embattled. It’s not a pleasant thought, but it is a kingdom thought. We need more kingdom thoughts in the days ahead.

May the Church finally follow its King, and not the latest polls.

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