God won’t fit your tiny theology

In all of our disagreements about “wedge issues,” we continually allow arguments to be reduced to sets of verses. If an argument can be reduced to particular verses, theology then fits on a bumper sticker. God, and what he is communicating through Scripture, is far more complex and beautiful than reducing theological arguments to a set of verses.

We want a god that fits us. We’re simple. We like things in 140 characters or less. That’s about the size of my god these days.

I saw this quote attributed to Tim Keller:

If your god never disagrees with you, you might just be worshiping an idealized version of yourself.

The way of Christ is far more complex, far more frustrating… and finally, far more beautiful than sets of verses I neatly pick out to disagree with in my tiny mind. When Jesus called people to follow him, he bid them “come and die.” That just gets complicated after a few days of walking with him. Perhaps it’s the reason that out of thousands he touched in his ministry there were only 120 in the upper room on the day of Pentecost.

Just a thought.

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