Speaking to the dry bones

Our church has been in the process of selling our building over the last several months.

A journey that began almost a year ago is about to take a tremendous step up. Last June the Lord gave me the idea in prayer to sell the building and take the proceed to invest in a new place, including a coffee shop. We voted to put the church on the market, which went public in September of last year. We were told commercial property sits 12-24 months sometimes. By January we had a solid offer. By March we had an agreement to sell. It’s been a long march since then to get to a closing date, but suffice to say it’s WELL ahead of the 12 months mark.

This has been an amazing process. The Lord has been good.

We have prayed incredibly bold prayers and God has heard us. The reason, I think he has heard us is he ASKED US to pray these bold prayers.

I am so fully convinced I only want to pray what HE is asking me to pray!

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