Stop defending the Christian faith

“I’m not hear to defend the Christian faith; the Christian faith defends me.” — Dallas Willard

My task, as to apologetics, is to simply bring truth. It doesn’t need “defending.” Faith doesn’t need to chalk up a “victory” after the debate. Where I am in faith is where I help people. Where I see people struggling and see how God has given me some sort of victory in that area, that is where I work to help. It doesn’t mean I’m going to back off in strong statements. There is a time to be strong, but it doesn’t have to be delivered in defensiveness.

Dallas has made me quite comfortable in saying to people, “We’re going to talk about Jesus and how amazing he is. If you think he’s the real deal and worth following, let’s go. If you think you can get a better deal somewhere else, go for it.”

I have absolute confidence in saying that these days. I don’t have to be defensive. I can be strong.

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