Apologetics isn’t about being “right”

I am back to Dallas Willard’s book, The Allure of Gentleness, and find myself challenged yet again by his careful words.

Apologetics for Christians isn’t about proving we’re right. We’re not saved because we’re “right.” We’re “right” because we’re SAVED. It’s about grace stepping in to show what is right.

That’s why so many churches have “Grace” in their name. Not many people want to go to “Right Church,” but we’ll gladly go to “Grace Church.” I’ve been to Right Church — you may have been there too — it’s a tough place. There are a lot of dead people at Right Church, because life comes by grace.

The value of being “right” is found in helping us deal with reality. When we see what is truly right, we integrate life much easier. But it’s not about proving our “rightness” to someone else.

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