The new scarlet letter

Immediate qualifier: I don’t know the first thing about Duggars or TLC or any facts of the old case against one of the Duggars. But with the charge of molestation and the vehement blog post titles I see on my Facebook feed, I think once again to the issue of child molesters and how we handle it as a country. The label of sexual predator has become our new national scarlet letter. We do not think people can be truly redeemed or changed. This will have a deep impact on our culture and we are not doing well in this discussion.

3 thoughts on “The new scarlet letter

  1. I have family members who were sexually abused as young children. The perp was a previously trusted member of the family, an older adult. The results were and are horrible. This is one crime which indeed may merit the proverbial scarlet letter.

    1. There are specific events that don’t have redemption. To specifics there are particular problems. I would not downplay that one bit.

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