The gods of our culture

NT Wright and Richard Foster both nailed it long ago. Our three biggest gods are money, sex, and power. Try to say something against those three behemoths, and see how quick you get knocked back. It’s not a cultural war. It’s just war. Planned Parenthood doesn’t represent the “rights of women.” They represent the powerContinue reading “The gods of our culture”

Boys will be boys

Through this fall there has been an interesting shift in what is “tolerated.” Bill Cosby is the pinnacle of that right now. From Ray Rice to Adrian Peterson to Bill Cosby, they represent a culture (present and past) that used to be wildly celebrated and is now… um… unseemly. A Washington Post article on Cosby put itContinue reading “Boys will be boys”

Sizzle Always Attracts Headlines

When I blog, I actually try to come up with a snazzy headline. It doesn’t work, but I try. I know that when the Twitter feed or Facebook post pops up, most people only take in the headline. I get “likes” on some posts about three seconds after it hits Facebook sometimes, so I knowContinue reading “Sizzle Always Attracts Headlines”

This Just In: Sex Still Sells!

Whether it’s hot topic issues like “gay marriage” or “abortion,” or “books” like the hot selling trilogy on just plain hot sex and the current flap over how we, as evangelical Christians, should handle it, this much we know to be true: sex still sells. We are definitely not getting is this: no matter whoContinue reading “This Just In: Sex Still Sells!”

The Heavenly Experiment — Realizing Our New DNA

I can completely understand the temptation to spend the majority of our Christian lives in the epistles. They are straight to the point, we have little in the way of cultural barriers, and we can go easily to application. Since I am teaching Prison Epistles this semester, I am immersed in some the greatest doctrineContinue reading “The Heavenly Experiment — Realizing Our New DNA”