The place of vocation

Vocation, according to David Brooks in The Road to Character, is core to a “good life.” We need a calling. We won’t find satisfaction in using work to serve ourselves alone. We will keep chasing unattainable ambitions and goals.

If we give our lives to simply “serving the community” we end up wondering if people appreciate us enough.

The key to vocation is not found with some inner search. It’s not about “finding your passion.”

You don’t find your calling. Your calling finds you. (This I have personally found to be true.)

Vocation is found by looking OUT and asking what life is asking of us. On this point Brooks has some powerful stories, one especially about Francis Perkins, that are incredibly moving.

We kind find things we intrinsicially enjoy AND at the same time find it may help address a problem. That intersection of life is truly joyous.

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