David Brooks has an interview in “Christianity Today”online about his new book, The Road to Character. It is wonderful to read of his personal journey.

It is also little wonder why many who prefer to live in a “secular” society (meaning no place for religion in the public square) rejoice over the latest Pew numbers are how many profess Christianity in America today. The numbers are declining. (They are, in my opinion, still inflated numbers.) There is a desire to NOT have a moral conversation in the public square, and it is at this time that David Brooks steps in and says we DO need that conversation, and we need terms back like “sin”and “righteousness.”

He says this:

When you lose awareness of sin and start thinking that, deep down, human beings are pretty wonderful, you lose the struggle of character building. Building character is not like being better than someone else at a career. It’s conquering your own weakness. But you won’t make that effort if you lose a sense of what your weakness is and where it comes from.

This stuff doesn’t go over well, but we sure need the conversation! We live in interesting times. When culture doesn’t care for our “moral” conversation, it is the precise time we need one.

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