The urge to give up

The urge to give up a fast or some other deeper commitment comes early. It’s because we are soft. The enemy punches quickly to see if we can be pushed back into mediocrity. The earliest part of the spiritual commitment is the easiest place.

For me, when it comes to a fast, or a modified fast, the enemy punches early because I am indeed soft. If he can slap me back into my mediocre spiritual life quickly, it’s little effort on his part. It’s an easy win.

But if I will persist… and therein lies the rub.

Last week we had a Sacred Assembly and it was a powerful service. The Lord had given me some specific words to pray over the congregation. It caused a spiritual release… and a severe spiritual battle… all at the same time.

So as the week has progressed, it has done so horribly… at least from a human perspective. As the week has gone along and the battles intensify, the Spirit simply asks, “What did you expect?”

The urge to give up here is incredible. It is attractive. It is desirable. 

This is a key point in a battle. If the punch from the enemy stings enough, we may just slip back into our comfort zones.

In this stage, I’m not throwing many punches. I’m taking a few. But as I persist the reality comes: Those “punches” were more like slaps. While I think the enemy is really punching me at this point, I will look back on this and realize he was only flicking me in the ear. Tougher battles lie ahead if I persist.

Oh, joy.

That is the nature of walking with God. The closer you walk with him, the more severe the attacks of the enemy until the walk becomes so precious, the enemy is silenced. It’s not that he quits attacking, but the perspective changes drastically. I realize war is just part of the deal but my Deliverer has me.

I anchor my soul to this verse today:

You are my hiding place;
    you will protect me from trouble
    and surround me with songs of deliverance. (Ps. 32:7)

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