I hate fasting

There. I said it.

People used to think I actually liked it. But it’s been so long since I’ve walked in intentional fasting, or a modified fast like this one for Lent, I now remember why I have let this practice slip.

I hate fasting.

When I step into this discipline with purpose there is nothing good that comes of it in the beginning. My attitude stinks. My wants go through the roof. I have a hunger for things I’d never eat otherwise, or I want to do stupid things that wreck my emotions.

What is the deal with fasting? Why does this bring the worst out in me? No wonder I quit doing this on a regular basis! It’s just silliness!

If you think I’m now about to reveal something “super spiritual” about the REAL reason for fasting… it won’t be happening today.

Today, I hate fasting.

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