I don’t understand… and I WANT to understand

Ferguson, MO is blowing up again. No indictment for the white cop who shot and killed a young unarmed black man.

As someone white, I can look at the evidence as it comes out and “analyze” it.

But the problem is obviously deeper. I want to acknowledge that.

I don’t understand enough. And I want to understand.

This video from Matt Chandler gives me some starting thoughts. He looks at Acts 10 as a text to discuss racism. He readily admits it is hard work. We tend to make steps toward a conversation, but our natural tendency, for ANY race, is to drift back toward what is familiar to us. This is hard work.

I’ve not done well with this, and it may very well be I’m going to goof this up all over again.

Beyond the “facts” of the case. Beyond the rioting that has resulted. There is a problem. 

I am going to try and listen today. But I want more than that. I want to dialogue with significant people I have followed and respect. There will be moments of rage I need to hear.

Efrem Smith has a great piece to help me get started. I would love a dialogue with him.

Rod Thomas at Political Jesus will be cranking it up soon, and I need to hear his raging voice as well. (I say “raging voice” with respect.)

This is hard work.

I cannot be afraid of the work.

Please help me.

One thought on “I don’t understand… and I WANT to understand

  1. Black or White .. Yellow or Red I don’t see colour I just see a human being … if you do bad things then you are a criminal it doesn’t matter what colour you are and if you kill someone then you should serve the time in jail …. Riots injustice of the system and people who just don’t want to get on with people of different of a different colour should be educated…. Maybe the world does want peace but doesn’t know how to go about it … but the way things are right now injustices will be done and the people who do them will get away with it .. If we all stood up together and said NO MORE VIOLENCE . NO MORE WARS .. NO MORE TAKING CONTROL OF PEOPLES LIVES .. NO MORE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS JUST FOR THE HELL OR FUN OF IT … maybe .. just maybe this world of ours could survive in the peace .. Because I do know this …. the way the world is going right now … soon there won’t be a world left or any people on it … That’s my opinion .. 🙂

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