I have finally passed 90,000 views for my blog. Small potatoes in the blogging world, but for me a moment to say thanks. I am so encouraged to know people are reading, and the comments I get on Facebook. I am also grateful for those I meet and they compliment my posts. It’s gratifying.

Thank you for paying attention. Thank you for listening to my rants and random thoughts. You encourage me along the way.

Many blessings.

4 thoughts on “90,000

  1. Pastor Dan, I think of you Frequently, not because you are a Pastor, but because you an extra-ordinary person with a family that just happens to be an EXTRAORDINARY servant of GOD. My contact with you has been minimal, I interviewed you for one of my papers for St. Kate’s Theology program, I attended a few of your sermons, and once in a while, I saw you shopping at Target and we exchanged warm smiles. Our most recent encounter was when I was driving along the street in NE Mpls, probably on Stinson Blvd in my LIME green car, and suddenly I recognized you and yelled out from my CAR , , Hello Pastor Dan.

    The POINT is 90,000 blogs or whatever, YOU have made a difference in the lives of folks who have met YOU.

    God BLESS you and your continued messages and pointers to us in your e-mails, and Bless you and your FAMILY..

    In Christ,
    Rita Schultz
    3875 Polk Street NE
    Columbia Heights, MN 55413

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