Pope Francis made some very pointed remarks about the need to train new priests.

Some of his comments are so needed in our training of pastors in protestant circles as well:

“Formation (of future priests) is a work of art, not a police action. We must form their hearts. Otherwise we are creating little monsters. And then these little monsters mold the people of God. This really gives me goose bumps,” he said.

We need to understand the formation of the pastor and not just give out formulas and hope to train future CEOs.

He mentioned being among the poor and quit looking for the next advancement. Hang out with the margins of society.

Help us heed some wise words, Lord.


2 thoughts on “The training of pastors

  1. Words of hope indeed. A call to ministry id a holy call and from holy God. If we want to please the Master and be faithful servants, we must forsake ourselves and totally surrender and consecrate to God and ministry. We must do this from our inner hearts, and not some external worldly influence or gains.

    There is a very serious challenge in today’s church and particularly those who are called by God to ministry (fivefold). We forget that ministry demands us sacrifice all on the alter, take the cross and follow Christ. All believers are called to surrender, but there is a kind of surrendering and consecration that all ministers must undergo. We must be good stewards to the things of God, and reveal the Son of God in us. Jesus is coming!

    I received a Holy Ghost baptism in 2007, and later the call to teaching-pastoral ministry in 2010. I remember how God spoke to me in a laudable voice from heaven out of the blowing might wind! Then the question I had was ‘why me’? Oh my God. The vision came, and since that day I have a burden to fulfill what I know and believe God has called me for. I was trained to be a lawyer, but when God called me I then became like a woman who is carrying a ‘dead baby’ in her hands and mourning to it as she does not want let it go! Painful stage indeed. Friends and families may wonder what is really going on, but the call of God and his mission must be fulfilled no matter what it takes. One older pastor of the classical pentecostal church in South Africa, the Apostolic Faith Mission, stood in pulpit and prophetically declared: ‘the call of God is a holy call, you must forsake and leave all and obey God, do what he called you to do. Believe me we all came out of things, we have to forsake our families, friends, well paying careers and just obey God as he calls and leads us’. Oh my God, that day his word was like a mighty fire falling down to my inner man and flowing and filling me through and through! As he spoke like that in that pentecostal church, the Holy Ghost came on me and I spoke with other tongues and prophesied! The Holy Ghost will confirm the word of God brother. And the work of the HOLY GHOST is always miraculous.

    Today, I know God has called me, and I have made peace with this. I no longer have desire for any thing but to see the things God revealed to me coming to pass. This has somehow shaped my prayer life for I seek God more than ever, with tears I pray to God. I discovered the will of Jesus (GLORY TO HIS NAME) and I seek him daily saying: ‘Lord here I am, send me, for I heard your voice one morning that you called me to be your servant’. I prayed God to reveal to me what does being his servant mean. God does answer prayers, he did to me. One day he spoke to me again and gave me his word that corrected and transformed how I viewed things: Being God’s servant does not necessarily mean to build a mega church; or be famous; or gain worldly favor, or be rich, or rule and lead God’s people. No, being God’s servant is to 1. Know he who called you, 2. Know where (the place) he called you to, 3. know the people he called you to reach, 4. have the message to tell them, 5. Wait upon the Lord of your calling, 6. do what he wants you do, no matter what it takes, 7. Know and realize he will never leave nor forsake you and it is his will to bless and prosper what he stated in you. This is basically what I discover, as I prayed.

    “Dear Lord Jesus, help us to take you at your word and reach to the level of spirituality where we will see and commune with you so we discover the blessedness and hope in being your servants. Help us forsake all and follow you where ever you lead, and know we are your servants and you are with us always. Thank you for your holy name, your blood and your Spirit with us. Amen!”

  2. In the harvest field now ripened
    There’s a work for all to do;
    Hark! the voice of God is calling
    To the harvest calling you.

    Little is much when God is in it!
    Labor not for wealth or fame.
    There’s a crown—and you can win it,
    If you go in Jesus’ Name.

    In the mad rush of the broad way,
    In the hurry and the strife,
    Tell of Jesus’ love and mercy,
    Give to them the Word of Life.

    Does the place you’re called to labor
    Seem too small and little known?
    It is great if God is in it,
    And He’ll not forget His own.

    Are you laid aside from service,
    Body worn from toil and care?
    You can still be in the battle,
    In the sacred place of prayer.

    When the conflict here is ended
    And our race on earth is run,
    He will say, if we are faithful,
    “Welcome home, My child—well done!”

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