We are entirely too distracted in our world. We have too many things coming at us and it makes it incredibly difficult to…


See what I mean? I just can’t seem… to… focus…

While we certainly take into account how we are made (as to biological realities), another thing we need to emphasize all over again is this: we have abilities TO LEARN.

So, while it may be easier to say, “Well, I just have this disability” or “This is how I am,” we also need to realize that within our constraints, we still have tremendous capabilities as human beings.

Quite frankly, we must learn all over again how to pay attention. It’s a current struggle of mine… and has been for quite some time. Yet, I am reminded constantly that I didn’t always have this problem, and I need to regain the discipline I had earlier to regain this ability.

There are simple reasons for needing to regain some focus in my life and refuse the constant distractions around me.

In Luke 8 we have the lessons of the parable of the sower.

The seed on rocky ground is the one that hits me hardest when I read this parable. The seed falls there, people believe, but then give up easily in testing. They have no root.

Then, later on, Jesus gives the admonition to be careful HOW we listen.

Both of those illustrations give me pause. It means I need to learn. If I am to stand strong in tests and not fade away, I must be anchored to the Kingdom. I must learn the Kingdom. I must focus on the Kingdom.

That means I must be careful HOW I hear. I don’t let things haphazardly come and go in my brain.

In this world, there WILL be times of testing. To stand strong, I must be strong IN CHRIST. To be strong in Christ, I must pay attention to what he is saying to me.

The noise has to come down. Silence must be a part of the routine. The devices have to turn off, the soul has to catch a breather… and the Spirit can speak.

Take care how you listen.

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