Anchored in the Creation Story

This week I will begin a sermon series tentatively called “Anchor in God.” It has morphed into several forms, but all of them begin in Genesis. At this point, it may only be a series out of Genesis to take us to Lent.

The more I teach the Old Testament as an adjunct the more I am deeply aware of the necessity of the Genesis story. The basic understanding of humanity and the story of God is rooted here. The stories and the characters should anchor us in God.

So I will begin with the creation story this week.

One paper I have read on the creation story (and this thought I have picked up from Goldingay as well, I believe) is focusing on the theological implications of the creation story. It’s not just these two sources, but I am looking at these sources currently. The thought that has captivated me from this paper is this:

We are not only created in the image of God, but created as the image of God.

It’s a powerful, beautiful thought.

All of our wrestling over the “literal” days of creation has taken us away from some very beautiful thoughts that really go to the core of why this story is in our Scriptures at all.

When we can grasp who we are as his creation we can possibly reach a place where we quit struggling and actually rest in God. We have an anchor. We have a deep worth to the Father. Tie yourself to that anchor.


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