The Ten for 2014

I am a voracious reader. I haven’t been as quick to read a LOT of things recently, but I do love reading.

What I am horrible at is getting back INTO books that are significant and worth studying. And I’m REALLY bad about reading fiction… even once.

I was meditating on this earlier in the month and thought of the depth of thinking demonstrated in men like Abraham Lincoln. He had few books growing up, but he learned to devour them and didn’t mind reading them over and over. It lead to an ability to think through serious situations with a field of vision very few had in his time.

I am not going to be Abraham Lincoln, but I want to challenge myself to read more deeply in 2014.

The goal is to have only ten books available. I may read a few more for review purposes on this blog, but I want to make my goal to re-read ten books that have influenced me greatly. It is quite possible I could then pick ten in 2015 that I haven’t read as yet but SHOULD read… I don’t know.

With that in mind, here is my list for 2014 (not in the order I will read them):

Discipleship, Bonhoeffer
The Divine Conspiracy, Willard (like THAT is a big shock)
Seven Storey Mountain, Merton
Byzantium, Lawhead (my only foray into fiction… sorry)
Patriots, Langguth
The Pastor, Peterson
Confessions, Augustine
Simply Jesus, Wright
In the Name of Jesus, Nouwen
Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy, Green (ed.)

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