When the enemy hits hard

The Spirit has ground my Bible reading to a halt. Not really a halt, but from a fast walk to a crawl. Well, more like a “sit.”

AND he won’t even let me access the one book I know will help me “read” this passage more “clearly.” He actually wants me to stop and listen to him. 

Just. Not. Nice.

I have things to do. Books to read. Lists to check off!

And I’m sitting, of all places, in the temptation of Christ.

Thought for this day: the enemy hits the hardest at the very beginning of a spiritual journey, or at the very point of a powerful breakthrough. If he can slap us back into the corner and keep us neutralized, it makes his whole strategy more bearable.

If we break through to victory, we’re assured of a lifelong battle with the enemy. And you’re thinking, “And that’s good news?”

It is, because you know the place of victory and the enemy is now battling you long term when he really wants you sitting in a corner not doing much.

Jesus’ 40 day battle was intense. When the enemy knew he had not cut down Jesus in those 40 days, the road through Jesus’ ministry was not going to be pleasant. And the 2000 plus years since hasn’t been a walk in the park for him, either!

When the battle is the most intense, understand the enemy actually knows the stakes of victory, and he might quite possibly know them better than you.

Do NOT quit.


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