The Church That Ate Its Own

We really like this stuff. (I was so tempted to say, “We really eat this up.“)

Tales from the crypt about horrible church experiences. Bad church. BAD CHURCH! And we shake our all too righteous fingers at it like it’s a dog that just wet the carpet.

But… it makes headlines… and we eat it up. (Sorry. The metaphor is too good.)

Write a headline that says, “Grace will lead us home,” and the only reason THAT gets read, or the book gets sold, is we look for the sordid details as to why the author needed grace.

I have found grace in my life. And from the Church. Sorry to disappoint. Not everyone, but those who didn’t like what I did at least didn’t try to eat me. I thank them for that.

No. I found grace. In my horrid condition, the Church, the Body of Christ, extended me the grace given to them.

No sordid details. No stories of getting completely rejected. I don’t pretend the Church is pure as the wind-driven snow. (I’m not a liberal, after all.)

But the Church, the Body of Christ, has given me grace. Much grace. And I want to live in that grace and extend it.

Grace will lead us home. It’s not sexy for the headlines but it IS power for my life… and yours.

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