A great exercise on Facebook is thanking God for something every day in November. I don’t do it. I know I will miss something.

But I was thinking about people and WHO I am thankful for. I jotted down names in my journal, giving thanks for each one, and honestly thinking maybe I could just cover one post with 31 people I’m thankful for.

Well, that’s not going to happen, either.

The list quickly hit 54 65 without even trying hard. People who really make an impact in my life, and I’m not even down to the guy in the Caribou store in the skyway on my way into teach three days a week.

The list stays private because I know I WILL miss someone and sure as I publish something I’ll feel awful about who I missed.

But I’m thankful. It’s not the STUFF in life that makes the most thankful. It’s the PEOPLE. It’s those who have had input into my life, been there for me, shown me incredible examples of godliness, joy, trust, etc.

THANK YOU for so deeply impacting my life. THANK YOU that I don’t have to just thank God for “stuff.” I can thank God for YOU.


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