Does God’s Word WORK?

Reading Nehemiah 8, I am struck by the reaction of the people when they actually heard the Book of the Law taught to them.

They wept. They were sorry. Something struck them in such a way they knew they had lived in disobedience and they wanted to get it right… and it grieved them.

There is still a place of conviction. We don’t like to think of it, but we need it. We need to be faced with the high call of God and realize we haven’t exactly gone there… and it needs to grieve us. It needs to tear our heart up.

Then, we can respond. Then, we can more clearly hear the word of the Lord. We can be truly ready to follow him.

It’s the work of the word and the Spirit. Not us.

But, as the church, we must bring people TO the word and the Spirit. Don’t back off. Don’t apologize. Bring people to a place where the word is clear and who God is becomes so magnificent, a response is needed.

God help us if we try to “explain away” one more text! Let us bring our own lives to submission to the word and let the Spirit do the work!

I don’t need a response to my preaching. I long for a response to the living word of God being given!

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