The call to follow has not changed

It is a shame when we separate out the “God of the Old Testament” from the “God of the New Testament,” like they’re two differing beings, or two different acts of a show or something. The call to follow hasn’t changed. What God calls out to Israel is, in essence, what Jesus calls out toContinue reading “The call to follow has not changed”

Ah, the joys of teaching the Old Testament!

I am not the Old Testament scholar by a long shot, but I thoroughly enjoy teaching the Old Testament to college freshmen. In my setting I teach to students in a Christian college, many of whom probably grew up in church. Yet… they don’t know the Old Testament. Where I have the most fun (besidesContinue reading “Ah, the joys of teaching the Old Testament!”

Does God’s Word WORK?

Reading Nehemiah 8, I am struck by the reaction of the people when they actually heard the Book of the Law taught to them. They wept. They were¬†sorry. Something struck them in such a way they knew they had lived in disobedience and they wanted to get it right…¬†and it grieved them. There is stillContinue reading “Does God’s Word WORK?”

Praying for an Increase in Capacity for the Kingdom of God

2 Chron. 29:18-19 I have been challenged to pray for an INCREASE in capacity for the Kingdom of God. I am asking for my own life to be expanded so I can be more effective in my leadership as a pastor. There are so many things the Lord has given me in dreams for whatContinue reading “Praying for an Increase in Capacity for the Kingdom of God”

Burn the Plows

There are those moments. Times when something stirs in your heart. Windows of time when you know there is a decision to be made. But the question is too stark. It’s not a gradual question. It’s a¬†hard¬†question. “Are you¬†all in,¬†or not?” Something like that. Those moments come. They come when God is ready, and heContinue reading “Burn the Plows”