Resurrection and Pentecost

The call to Christianity is the call to community. It is not a community we get to pick. It is the Kingdom of God. We WANT to pick it, and therein lies the rub. It is probably why we are all so divided all the time. We want to PICK our “neighbors” and the Kingdom of God just doesn’t play that way.

Eugene Peterson in his book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places reminds us of community and the need for the power of the Spirit. The power of the Spirit is the result of the resurrection. The same Spirit which raised Christ from the dead dwells in us. With resurrection power comes the power of the Spirit. In that we also find community.
Peterson says this:
“We live the Christian life out of a rich tradition of formation-by-resurrection. Jesus’ resurrection provides the energy and conditions by which we ‘walk before the Lord in the land of the living (Ps. 116:9). The resurrection of Jesus creates and makes available the reality in which we are formed as new creatures in Christ by the Holy Spirit. The do-it-yourself, self-help culture of North America has so thoroughly permeated our imaginations that we don’t give much sustained attention to the biggest thing of all, resurrection. And the reason we don’t give much attention to it is because the resurrection is not something we can use or manipulate or control or improve on. It is interesting the world has had very little success in commercializing Easter, the way it has Christmas. If we can’t say, as we say, ‘get a handle on it’ and use it, we soon lose interest. But resurrection is not available for our use; it is exclusively God’s operation.”

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