What Sort of People Are We?

If there is one thing I try to maintain in communicating the gospel, it’s this: following Christ isn’t for the lazy. We keep making it too “easy” to think about being a part of a church, or being a “Christian,” but we aren’t doing people any good in making Jesus a friend to “hang out” with and have a good time.

Hebrews tells us a different story. By the time you get to the end of Chapter 10, you read sentences like:

“It’s scary to fall into the hands of the living God!” (v. 31, Common English Bible)

And this:

“But we aren’t the sort of people who timidly draw back and end up being destroyed.” (v. 39, CEB)

This is not for faint of heart!

And this is the question that truly needs to be asked of us as the people of God from time to time: What sort of people are we?

Are we driving people to an emotional experience so Jesus is just your buddy you “hang” with?

Are we allowing people to think they can hang out with cool friends in a place called “church” that looks more like a coffee shop for an hour, then get back to their “other lives?”

What sort of people are we?

Do we know the FAITH of Christ in our lives? Do we know the cost of following Christ?

 33 Sometimes you were exposed to insults and abuse in public. Other times you became partners with those who were treated that way.(CEB)

The need for our lives as believers is to understand we’re not here for the fabulous lattes. We are here because of a fabulous Savior who call us to endurance (v. 36).

Let us not be people who shrink back. Let us be the sort of people who have faith so that our whole beings are preserved (v. 39).

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