Immature Christianity

I am listening to a podcast series currently that interviews a pastor I’ve admired for many decades. It is a master class on ministry, leadership, and spirituality. A recent episode talked about his love for learning. He cultivates his spiritual learning and spoke frankly of a time when he was 45 years old and hadContinue reading “Immature Christianity”

Anchor of our soul

We need the tie of generations in the faith because each generation can demonstration the depth of faith that is possible. We can observe that in the generations that came before. We can learn from them.  When we demonstrate the depth of faith, a faith that cannot be shaken, and demonstrate the faithfulness of God, weContinue reading “Anchor of our soul”

What Sort of People Are We?

If there is one thing I try to maintain in communicating the gospel, it’s this: following Christ isn’t for the lazy. We keep making it too “easy” to think about being a part of a church, or being a “Christian,” but we aren’t doing people any good in making Jesus a friend to “hang out”Continue reading “What Sort of People Are We?”

The Anchor of Our Soul

19       We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, (Heb. 6:19, NIV) The call of Hebrews is the call to press on. It is the call to grow up. We need a maturity in our faith that moves us beyond the foundationContinue reading “The Anchor of Our Soul”