Returning from Silence

Leading a silent retreat was a new experience. It wasn’t as “silent” for me, but I still had a good amount of time given to silence.

What I have discovered this time is the return. I am back into a full schedule after coming back Sunday afternoon, and my soul is restless. It is more difficult today than in times past. My soul is stirred and I am trying to discover what is going on.


5 thoughts on “Returning from Silence

  1. Did you find out what is the problem. Silence can bring out stuff we were not even aware of. It is like God whispering in your ear, ” Oh now you’re listening. Are you ready?”it is I your answer that you will find that what He’s been holding for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing Pastor. I too feel a sense of stirring, but I know that He is leading me into greater depths of family leadership. He has reminded of how GREAT his mercy is for us, how unbelievable his grace, and what joy awaits us! Today, His word is Deuteronomy 6 and Legacy.

    Praying for you now, that the Counselor would help you understand the stirring that is taking place.

  3. Just recently I was thinking about how much I need a retreat–no cellphone, tv, computer. Just the Bible and my journal. I could only wish a this point. 😀

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