Daniel 3 is one of those great kids’ stories. The fiery furnace. Standing up to the king. Not bowing to idols.

As I prepare this chapter for preaching, I am coming to really not like this chapter. My series is looking at the example of Daniel in hostile territory and learning how that speaks to us in our ever-changing culture. Facing idols and the possibilities and repercussions just isn’t pleasant.

We can rejoice in the fact that God delivered the three Hebrew men. We can shout out about deliverance.

But I find two difficult truths surfacing in this passage:

1. We really CAN believe God for deliverance in moments of intense confrontation, but that means we must be willing to stand. 

2. While God is ready to come through in those moments, he is also looking for his people to be ready for the “but if God doesn’t deliver” reality.

The challenge is this: We should be ready to stand, and we certainly should ask for God’s gracious and powerful deliverance. We can be ready for God to deliver, but can God count on us for the boldness to stand even if he doesn’t deliver. 

I am not liking this passage.

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