We really use too many words. And then we use wrong words. I often get confused between when to use “effect” and “affect.” I’m confused on that right now.

An exercise I want to take up this month is to use one-word titles. Nothing long at all. Just try to sum up what I want to say with one word.

I want to think about different issues and summarize them into one word.

February? Maybe two word titles. Maybe two word posts. I don’t know.


6 thoughts on “Words

  1. I think it’s great! I remember when I had a Creative Writing class, and the instructor wrote on the chalk board just one word…. and it was our 5-15 minute exercise to write something that came to mind about that word. Just a word. like ‘shrimp’, or ‘fences’. I wrote like mad because I really didn’t know what time limit it was each day. I wished I kept that notebook…. So, Pastor, this might be fun and thought provoking for you. I am excited to see what comes of it…

    1. I thought about that. But a 12 word title… However, I thought that by December my posts would be 12 words per post… 😉

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