2 thoughts on “Bold Prayers

  1. Bold prayers. For Elijah, bold prayer included obedience to the Lord and then an expectation that He would show up. Elijah didn’t ask boldly in his prayer closet, he asked boldly in the face of opposition and with Huge crowds. The stakes were great.

    Elijah’s life challenges me. Elijah has those moments with God that are private…Ravens feeding him meet while he hides, the Lord speaking to him in a quiet voice. However, Elijah also has moments with God that are public. His encounter with the prophets of Baal is incredibly public. It is out in front of everyone. If God does not show up, the consequences to Elijah are huge. That doesn’t stop Elijah, he even increases the pressure of the moment by mocking the prophets.

    Often times, I am bold most in my prayer closet. Asking God to show up in big ways. I am asking for friends and family members souls, I am asking for miraculous healings in people’s lives, I am asking for change in the world. In public, when the cards are on the line, I can become intimidated. What happens if… As if that reflects something on me or about my God. Boldness in prayer is Shadrack, Meshack and Abendigo, it is Elijah. Our God is big and able to…even if He chooses to not, it changes nothing about Him and it changes nothing about me. Boldness is expecting God to show up. Do I believe that God really cares about the situation. I believe that Elijah believed that God cared about the outcome of his encounter.

    Boldness is a belief/knowing that God cares. He cares about his reputation, he cares about our circumstances, and he cares about the world. He cares for the sould of our friends and the suffering of his creation.

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