Hit and Run Prophecies

It doesn’t happen nearly as often these days, but it JUST happened, so I am thinking of what I call “hit and run” prophecies. Sometimes it’s an “anonymous” letter sent to the church. Occassionally, like this time, it’s a phone call left on the church voicemail. It’s called in at night when they know no one is there. They leave some “word from God” without their name or return phone number (like that can’t be traced, which really cracks me up).

Makes me want to call that guy back at 5 a.m. and give him MY word from God… 😉

Prophecies are not hit and run. They are true words from God. They are told TO people… TO their faces. It can be encouraging. It can be challenging… but the prophet is out there… THEIR face in view… THEIR voice being heard… ready, if necessary, to be responded to…

But the prophet stands… no matter the response.

We need the prophetic word in our Church and in our culture. But do it boldly. Do it with the fear of God in your heart and be ready to take the response.

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