There are passages of Scripture I could just “camp on” like anyone else. Two of those passages are in this week’s reading for our church.

One of the books we’re reading this week is Ephesians. That letter restored so much in my life several years ago.

Then, we are reading Romans and Romans 8 is one of the finest chapters in Scripture. That passage opened up in a new way when I was in seminary.

I’ve made it through Romans so far and I hope I don’t get stuck in Ephesians!

Many years ago, when I was coming off of rock bottom, the Lord had me go through Ephesians. I spent an entire year in that letter. The letter lays out in two major thoughts for me:

1. Who in heaven’s name do you think you are? (Chap. 1-3)
2. What on earth are you going to do about it? (Chap. 4-6)

The first three chapters washed over me because I finally saw who I was in Christ. I finally opened up to the richness of who HE is and all that he has done for me. Words like “lavished” and “pleasure” and “good will” poured over my spirit. It was out of that realization I knew I could walk in obedience to the call of the Living Word. It was HIS call… not mine. Then, the last three chapters made much more sense. It is a call to holiness. We can’t walk in holiness until the radical love of Christ has had its work in us. But when we ARE apprehended, we will never be the same.

It’s a radical move. It’s away from the cues of this world. It is finally hearing the Living Word speak deeply into our hearts. Today I see people seeking out reality, but for someone reason that reality is away from the Word of God. It’s not grounded in the Word. It was the written Word that placed me in front of the Living Word and I found life all over again.

I will enjoy this very brief visit to this wonderful word in my life this week.

What passages do you “camp on?”


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