Slavery Hasn’t Ended

There are so many organizations responding now, it is hopeful. I heard another presentation today in my Kiwanis club on human trafficking. The statistics are astounding. Minnesota is ranked 13th in the nation for human trafficking.

It’s not something overseas. It is something here.

I love the story of William Wilberforce and his lifelong efforts to end the slave trade in Great Britain.

The question I ask is, “Are we in another era for a new movement of Wilberforces?”

Millions around the world are subjected to sex trafficking and slave labor. It is an enormous problem. So, where do we start?

These are matters of prayer. Is there something we can do locally? Is there something our church can partner with on a local level, or start something new?

I love the passion of youth and how they respond to these needs. They can raise money in a hurry for projects that work with slave trafficking all over the world. It may be time to harness that power and turn it toward home. What can we do locally with the passion of our youth driving it? What is possible?

This is Lent, but let’s not keep Lent at arm’s length. Let’s not talk about what the United Nations could do or Congress could do. What do WE do?

6 Isn’t this the fast I choose:
   releasing wicked restraints,
   untying the ropes of a yoke,
   setting free the mistreated,
   and breaking every yoke?
(Isa. 58:6, CEB)

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