Save us from the “Rah Rah” Resurrection

Every year there is some comment, post, article, etc., out there that will wonder why Christians go through the “morbidity” of Lent or “dwell” on the crucifixion. It’s a braggadocious claim about how they live in the resurrection power. Jesus is alive! Jesus IS alive. And the resurrection IS where we dwell. We live in the power of theContinue reading “Save us from the “Rah Rah” Resurrection”

The ugliness of human trafficking

Our subject matter in our church today was heavy. We had a couple come in and talk to us about human trafficking. I then see this article posted tonight. The U.S. is in the top 5 in human trafficking. We probably have more people bound in sexual slavery in the U.S. today than we hadContinue reading “The ugliness of human trafficking”

When the oppressed cry out

20 Then the Lord said, “The cries of injustice from Sodom and Gomorrah are countless, and their sin is very serious! 21 I will go down now to examine the cries of injustice that have reached me. Have they really done all this? If not, I want to know.” (Gen. 18:20-21) When the cries of the oppressed have reached theContinue reading “When the oppressed cry out”

Slavery Hasn’t Ended

There are so many organizations responding now, it is hopeful. I heard another presentation today in my Kiwanis club on human trafficking. The statistics are astounding. Minnesota is ranked 13th in the nation for human trafficking. It’s not something overseas. It is something here. I love the story of William Wilberforce and his lifelong effortsContinue reading “Slavery Hasn’t Ended”