The Book of Deuteronomy is the “second law.” It’s the reiteration of the law for the people of Israel because a new generation was under Moses and they were the ones to take the Promised Land. The law needed to be repeated. Along with that, Moses reminded them of the story. He reminded Israel of their failures.

Deuteronomy 9 is part of our reading this week and the question has to be posed, “Why re-hash this stuff?”

There is a delicate balance between beating ourselves up with our past and remembering the past so we don’t forget the incredible grace of God. Yet, it is important to remember. If we fail to remember from the place God delivered us, we will begin to think we made it here all on our own.

I don’t remember my past to beat myself up. There are times the Spirit does remind me of something to gracefully show me the mercy of God. He will also gently prod me (or knock me over the head) when I get too proud and think I’ve done something completely on my own.

As I prepare my heart during this season I am deeply grateful for the incredible mercy of God!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Over This Again

  1. God reminds me of my past to let me know He was there helping me get back on track.and I am grateful. Its like He knew I was lost and struggling,, and like a loving father was looking for me to bring me back to Himself. If I look at my past and feel regrets and sorrows and want to bang my head against the wall and say was I ever foolish, I would forget his mercy then, and forget his forgiveness. I can’t repair my past, but the LORD repairs me and brings me forward moving. AMEN

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