More Thoughts on Piper’s Leave of Absence

Christianity Today weighs in on Piper and it’s a good thought.

Here are a couple of comparisons: We just seem to applaud workaholism. We applaud a Dick Cheney who has stents put in his heart and he’s back on the job the next day.

Urban Meyer, football coach at the University of Florida, can’t quit. He saw some sort of handwriting on the wall last December. It scared him so much, he resigned. That lasted about 48 hours. Then, it was a “leave of absence.” Now, he’s running full bore with spring practices. And we don’t utter a peep. The man digs himself an early grave, but doggone it! He wins FOOTBALL games!

It’s a crazy world. We need to heed the voice of the Spirit a little more quickly.

One thought on “More Thoughts on Piper’s Leave of Absence

  1. AMEN! I mean, who are we? If the Spirit leads us to back off, we better do it. He has our best in mind and the best for everyone else.

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