Pastors and Theologians

A good post on pastors leading their congregations theologically. But coming from the Gospel Coalition (with Piper’s image prominently displayed on the page), I have a question about one of their points: 9. Independent churches shouldn’t run their own seminaries. Ummm… what is Piper doing at Bethlehem Baptist? Just wondering. (I don’t know how I […]

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Race and Reconciliation

I posted some initial thoughts on Pentecost and race here. Then I saw this video with Piper, Keller, and Anthony Bradley discussing race and reconciliation. Piper is okay on this stuff, but Keller really jolted me into paying attention with corporate racism thoughts. He gave a “white guy’s” perspective, and I could understand more clearly […]

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The Need for Pastor-Scholars

One of my goals is to truly be a “pastor-scholar.” I certainly don’t think of myself in the vein of John Piper, yet I have as a goal the ability to strive to know God and then communicate him to my church. I don’t want to be a slouch intellectually or spiritually. Yet, I don’t […]

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