Pastors and Theologians

A good post on pastors leading their congregations theologically. But coming from the Gospel Coalition (with Piper’s image prominently displayed on the page), I have a question about one of their points: 9. Independent churches shouldn’t run their own seminaries. Ummm… what is Piper doing at Bethlehem Baptist? Just wondering. (I don’t know how IContinue reading “Pastors and Theologians”

Race and Reconciliation

I posted some initial thoughts on Pentecost and race here. Then I saw this video with Piper, Keller, and Anthony Bradley discussing race and reconciliation. Piper is okay on this stuff, but Keller really jolted me into paying attention with corporate racism thoughts. He gave a “white guy’s” perspective, and I could understand more clearlyContinue reading “Race and Reconciliation”

The Great “I LIKE” Campaign, Part 2

For a fuller explanation of what this is about, go HERE. Basically, I am choosing to say something GOOD about a subject or people when it’s normally easy pickings for criticism. My aim is also to choose “opposites” on a given day. This is a personal project because I can be an “equal opportunity offender.”Continue reading “The Great “I LIKE” Campaign, Part 2″

Rob Bell: There Really IS a Hell!

Following up on his controversial (and hot-selling) book, Love Wins, Rob Bell told Diane Sawyer in a special interview for ABC News that he had a vision two nights ago. He spent 90 minutes in a very dark, hot place. In this vision he saw the flames of hell and realized they are indeed eternal.Continue reading “Rob Bell: There Really IS a Hell!”

The Need for Pastor-Scholars

One of my goals is to truly be a “pastor-scholar.” I certainly don’t think of myself in the vein of John Piper, yet I have as a goal the ability to strive to know God and then communicate him to my church. I don’t want to be a slouch intellectually or spiritually. Yet, I don’tContinue reading “The Need for Pastor-Scholars”

More Thoughts on Piper’s Leave of Absence

Christianity Today weighs in on Piper and it’s a good thought. Here are a couple of comparisons: We just seem to applaud workaholism. We applaud a Dick Cheney who has stents put in his heart and he’s back on the job the next day. Urban Meyer, football coach at the University of Florida, can’t quit.Continue reading “More Thoughts on Piper’s Leave of Absence”

John Piper Taking a Leave of Absence

This news came out this past weekend: John Piper is taking a leave of absence from ministry from May 1 to December 31, 2010. The letter of explanation is here. I have always had a deep admiration for John Piper and his ministry, though our theologies may have an occasional clash. His integrity in incredible,Continue reading “John Piper Taking a Leave of Absence”

Thoughts About “Icons”

Recent blog activity has been caught up in a discussion over the Manhattan Declaration. This is a statement coming from Catholics, Orthodox, and Evangelicals concerning three major points about our current culture in America. The debate is over whether this is just some right wing political move or it’s legitimate. Some of the disagreement comesContinue reading “Thoughts About “Icons””

The Need for Spiritual Reading

There is a great line from the movie “Shadowlands.” The C.S. Lewis character, played by Anthony Hopkins, says, “We read to know we’re not alone.” He picked that up from a former student and let it teach him something valuable later in life. A challenge I have in my own life is reading great books.Continue reading “The Need for Spiritual Reading”