Glenn Beck and the Perversion of the Gospel

I am going to step into a minefield. I posted earlier about Glenn Beck and his crazy comment about leaving your church if you hear the “code words” of “social justice.” He tried to clarify his comments and only dug a deeper hole.

According to Christianity Today online:

He also called social justice “a perversion of the gospel.” According to Beck, Jesus spoke only for individual compassion, not for governmental justice.

Glenn Beck, a MORMON, called “social justice” a perversion of the gospel…

Is anyone else scratching their head on this one?

2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck and the Perversion of the Gospel

  1. I have plenty of issues with how portions of the church have ditched the gospel in favor of a “social gospel.” I am extremely annoyed that many are using 1/6 of a verse, taken far out of context, to combat what Glenn said. But having said that…
    To be honest, I’m a little surprised that all of the sudden we are all riled about something Glenn Beck said. Within a week of when I started listening to talk radio, I knew that I had to be extra careful while listening to him. So much of what he says is true. But he is not a Christian, and his theology is constantly reflected. The difference is that, while I often had to turn off the radio halfway through Rush so I wouldn’t fall into hating everyone left of myself (98% of America), Glenn posed no such problem. He talks slowly, with a calm voice. His method of creating indignation is more subtle. He knows his theological terminology, and uses enough of it that his listeners feel like they are at a Bible study. But if you listen to what he is actually saying, it is quickly apparent that he worships two gods: 1. Freedom (specifically, individual freedom) and 2. America (a mix of Norman Rockwell and Ronald Reagan). These are things that many (most?) Christians in America love and cherish, and I think they all-to-often confuse them with the Kingdom of God. If the commotion over all of this helps people to think more carefully when listening to Glenn and other talk show hosts, and compare what they hear with scripture, then I’m glad it’s happening.

  2. You hit at why I am annoyed with Glenn Beck. We have brought Christianity down to this Americanism that makes us listen to guys like Beck and then couch our theology in those terms.

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